Cumberland Players is excited to announce auditions for “Angels in America: Part One - Millennium Approaches”. Please read the entire event information regarding how these auditions will be run based on the recommendations of the CDC and the safety measure put in place by Cumberland Players. 


“In late 1985 and early 1986, as the first wave of the AIDS epidemic in America, we meet Louis and Prior and Harper and Joe, two couples whose relationships are on the rocks: the former because of Prior’s AIDS diagnosis and Louis’s inability to cope with illness, the latter because of Joe’s closeted homosexuality and Harper’s incessant fears and hallucinations, as well as her addiction to pain-killers. As the show progresses, we meet a variety of different characters whose lives intersect, intertwine, collide and are blown apart during a time of heartbreak, reaction and transformation. Ranging from earth to heaven, from the political to the intimate, Angels in America is an epic exploration of love, justice, identity and theology and of the difficulty, terror and necessity of change.” 


Must be 18 to audition. 


Auditions: October 4th and 5th @7pm (Doors open at 6:30) 

Callbacks: October 6th @ 7pm (If Needed, By Invite ONLY) 


Show Dates (Tentative) 

Friday March 12th @ 8pm 

Saturday March 13th @ 8pm 

Sunday March 14th @ 2pm 

Thursday March 18th @ 8pm 

Friday March 19th @ 8pm 

Saturday March 20th @ 8pm 


Stage Director: Philip Hopf 


The following safety protocols have been put in place due to Covid: 

Temperatures will be taken upon entering the building. MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES IN THE BUILDING AND SOCIAL DISTANCING WILL BE ENFORCED! Due to social distancing and state of NJ guidelines, only those auditioning will be allowed in the building. 


Auditions will be cold readings from the script. Actors will be reading with only ONE other actor or with a member of the casting committee, with social distancing in place. 


PLEASE BRING A PEN WITH YOU TO FILL OUT CASTING PAPERWORK. A limited amount of pens will be provided (which actors will keep) so that we can limit the amount of contact between Staff and Actors. 



Character Breakdown 

Prior Walter (Late 20s-Early 30s) 

Louis’s boyfriend who is diagnosed with AIDS at the top of the play. An aesthete from an old WASP family, he is a magnetic presence with tremendous wit and charisma. He is simultaneously deeply vulnerable and sardonic. (Possible Nudity Required) 


Louis Ironson (Late 20s-Early 30s) 

Prior’s Jewish lover. A word processor at a court in Brooklyn. Very intelligent and politically minded, yet flawed and emotionally fragile. He is filled with immense conflict and guilt when he abandons Prior on the onset of his illness. 


Joe Pitt (Late 20s-Early 30s) 

A Republican lawyer and a devout Mormon, married to Harper. A Marlboro man in looks and energy, he is a deeply closeted homosexual who struggles with repression and self-loathing. 


Roy M. Cohn (Late 50s-Early 60s) 

Based on the very successful and persuasive New York lawyer. Relentless and menacing in his pursuit of clout, he is a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He vehemently denies his sexuality and diagnosis of AIDS to protect himself from vulnerability.  


Harper Pitt (Late 20s-Early 30s) 

Joe’s wife, an agoraphobic with a mild Valium addiction. Her crippling fears have alienated her from the world and from her husband, who she knows has demons of his own. She often escapes reality in a series of fascinating and revealing hallucinations.  


Hannah Pitt (60s) 

Joe’s opinionated, practically minded mother from Salt Lake City. A devout Mormon, she moves to New York when Joe comes out to her, and her warmth and humanity is revealed when she meets and cares for Prior. Actress also plays Ethel Rosenberg 


Belize (Late 20s-Early 30s) 

African American. A registered nurse and former drag queen, he is Prior’s loyal best friend. Fabulous and stylish with a sharp sense of humor and a no-nonsense attitude. Actor also plays Mr. Lies. 


The Angel (30s-50s) 

A divine messenger sent from above to prepare Prior for his mission as a prophet. Terrifying and powerful, she should feel animalistic. Seeking an actress from a physical theatre background with great vocal prowess. Actress also plays Emily, Sister Ella Chapter, A Homeless Woman. 


Normally all of the roles in Angels in America are played by the 8-member cast. The director is considering casting One Male Actor to play a few of these roles. 


If you have any questions regarding auditions, please reach out to Philip Hopf (Director and VP of Production) at 

Cumberland Players is excited to announce auditions for “Treasure Island”. Please read the entire event information regarding how these auditions will be run based on the recommendations of the CDC and the safety measure put in place by Cumberland Players.

Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest… Pirates sponging for rum, treasure maps filled with pieces of eight! Join Jim, Long John Silver and the rest of his scurvy crew for this classic pirate adventure. Yo, ho, ho!

Must be between the ages of 8 and 18 to audition (Based on the day of auditions)

Auditions: October 11th & 12th
Callbacks: October 13th (If Needed)

Show Dates (Tentative)
January 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd @7:30pm
January 17th & 24th @2pm

All cast members MUST be available for all show dates. Additionally, no absences will be permitted during “tech week” from January 10th through January 14th

Character Breakdown/Cast List is available at the link below:

Production Manager: Brian (BJ) Garrison
Stage Director: Karen Johns

Due to Covid, these auditions will held a little differently, please read ALL of the audition information

Temperatures will be taken upon entering the building. MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES IN THE BUILDING AND SOCIAL DISTANCING WILL BE ENFORCED! Due to social distancing and state of NJ guidelines, only one parent or guardian will be permitted in the theater with their child.

Please follow these steps to prepare for auditions:

Sign up for an audition time. Auditions will be held in 15-minute blocks. Please sign up for a slot at one of the links provided.

Audition Sign-Up October 11th Afternoon Session (3pm-430pm)

Audition Sign-Up October 11th Evening Session (6pm-730pm)

Audition Sign-Up October 12th Evening Session (6pm-8pm)

Print out an audition sheet at the link below and fill this out before attending your scheduled audition time. (Please include all scheduling conflicts between October 11th and January 24th). We will have auditions sheets available at the door, but we are trying to limit the amount of contact between Staff and Guests.(PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PEN IF YOU ARE FILLING OUT THE FORMS IN PERSON)

Please prepare one of the monologues (available in the link below) for your audition. Please memorize or be very familiar with the piece that you pick. You may be asked to do a cold reading from the script as well as your prepared monologue.

Come to auditions and have an amazing time!

Cumberland Players is committed to make these auditions as safe as possible for everyone involved. We asked that you help us keep this commitment. We are all looking forward to entertaining audiences again! Let's make sure that we start our 75th season with a bang!

Any questions regarding auditions or our safety practices, please email