Introducing the cast of "The Crucible"

Reverend Parris- Jim Dennis

Betty Parris - Emily Kukal
Tituba- Carey Walden
Abigail Williams- Arielle Egan
Susanna Walcott- Shania Santiago
Ann Putnam- Bobbi Kukal
Thomas Putnam- Ahmad Graves-El
Mercy Lewis- Brianna Webster
Mary Warren- Samantha Williams
John Proctor- John Krug
Rebecca Nurse- Ellen Mather
Giles Corey- Robert Cook
Reverend John Hale- Benjamin Hunt
Elizabeth Proctor- Maura Mather Jarve
Francis Nurse- Hank Chandless
Ezekiel Cheever- Bradley Marcus
Marshal Herrick/ Hopkins- Ken Butler
Judge Hathorne- John Weiner
Martha Corey/ Sarah Good- Desiree Lara
Deputy Governor Danforth- Richard Curcio
Girls of Salem- Emily Cardill & Leila Myers

Cumberland Players announces our 2019 Season.

Cumberland Players would like to announce our 2019 season. Starting with the classic "The Glass Menagerie" as our spring drama. Followed by a fun filled take on one of the greats with "The Ruff guide to Shakespeare." Our summer musical will be one not to miss with "In The Heights." Kids at CP are back with the wonderful "Legally Blonde Jr." "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" is our fall comedy that will leave you in tears. Finishing with an emotional tale in "Rabbit Hole."