Past Show - Scapin

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Sunday October 20th was the final performance of Scapin. This zany show was so much fun for the actors, actresses and the people behind the scenes. Our audiences overwhelming enjoyed this "laugh out loud" comedy.

Harry on Facebook said, "We saw Scapin last Sunday at CP! It was a great very funny, zanny show! We enjoyed it immensely!"

Lois-Anne said, "Love the show. Great cast you were all wonderful!"

The cast of Scapin was:

Scapin: D. Michael Farley
Sylvestre: Philip Hopf
Octave: Will Baez
Hyacinth: Kim Kracke
Leandre: Bradley Marcus
Zerbinette: Amber Thomas
Geronte: Joe Dugan
Argante: Hank Chandless
Nerine: Heidi Dugan
George: Scott Armato
The Georgetones: Shaun Israel, Aaron Blandino

Directed by: Pab Sungenis
Assistant Director: Laura Farley