Cinderella Waltz

Show Date: 
February, 2004
Todd Kinder

The Cinderella Waltz Cast

Rosey Snow: Lisa Piccioni-Chappius
Mr. Snow (Rosey's Father): Russell Chappius
Mrs. Snow (Rosey;s Step-Mother): Anne Buckwheat
Goneril (Rosey's Step-Sister): Bobbi J. Kukal
Regan (Rosey's Other Step-Sister): Nancy Mills
Prince AIf: Sam Sardina
Troll: Collin Maier
Mother Magee: Leanne McGiffin
Zed: Jon Furey


The Production Team

Production Manager: Dawn M. Fisher
Assistant Production Manager: Brian Garrison
Director: Todd Kinder
Set Designers: Dawn M. Fisher, Brian Garrison and Todd Kinder
Light Designer: Brian Garrison
Costume Designers: Todd Kinder and Cast
Sound Designer: Russell Chappius
Choreography: Natalie Suppi
Properties Mistresses: Jenn Burgess and Francesco Chappius
Stage Manager: Sia Koletas
Assistant Stage Manager: Monica DiMauro
Light and Sound Board Operator: Brian Garrison
Running Crew: Ryan Buckwheat
Master Carpenter: Brian Garrison
Assistant Carpenters: Monica DiMauro and Dawn M. Fisher
Scenic Artist: Dawn M. Fisher
Set Construction: Monica DiMauro, Jon Frankenfield, Jon Furey, Todd Kinder, Sia Koletas, Gary Lawson, Kristen Lazos, Brian Loy, Kevin Maynard, Alia Natale, Andrew Suppi and Tom Suthard