Auditions for Sweeny Todd


Auditions for Sweeny Todd

Cumberland Players
66 East Sherman Avenue
Vineland, NJ

April 11th & 12th
Callbacks: April 13th
Doors Open at 6:30
Auditions begin at 7pm (first-come, first-served)

July 15-17, 22-24, 29-30
No conflicts accepted for Performance Dates or the week before opening (Tech Week).

Prepare 1-2 minutes (approx. 32 bars) of a contemporary musical theatre song (NOT FROM SWEENEY TODD) for the primary audition. Bring sheet music, as an accompanist will be provided for you. Alternately, you may bring a CD or MP3 player with a backing track. All backing tracks must be strictly instrumental – no vocals whatsoever.
Auditioners will be asked to complete an audition form, including all conflicts for the April-July rehearsal and performance period.
There are no fees to audition. However, actors must be a member of Cumberland Players in order to perform in a CP production. Membership is $10 for one year.


*All Roles Are Available*

Anthony Hope - Male, 20s, TENOR - A young, naïve sailor who has rescued Todd and falls in love with Johanna Barker.

Sweeney Todd - Male, 30s-50s, BASS- BARITONE - Morose and vengeful; a barber by profession who returns to London, after fifteen years of unjust incarceration in an Australian penal colony, to seek revenge first on the corrupt judge who sent him there.
Beggar Woman - Female, 30s- 50s, SOPRANO - A mad crone whose interjections go unheeded.
Mrs. Lovett - Female, 30s-50s, CONTRALTO - A cheerful, talkative, but amoral restaurateur; Todd's landlady, but enamored of him.
Judge Turpin - Male, 40s-60s, BASS-BARITONE - A corrupt judiciary official who becomes infatuated with Lucy Barker, and later with her daughter, Johanna.
Beadle Bamford - Male, 30s-50s, TENOR - Turpin's right-hand man and accomplice.
Johanna Barker - Female, 18 - early 20s, SOPRANO - Todd's beautiful young daughter, claimed by Judge Turpin as his ward.
Tobias Ragg - Male, 9-15, UNCHANGED/TENOR - A simpleton who works first for con-man Pirelli, and then for Mrs. Lovett, but does not trust Todd.
Adolfo Pirelli - Male, 20s - 30s, TENOR - An Irish charlatan and former employee of Benjamin Barker's who has since developed a public persona as a flashy Italian barber.
Ensemble - Looking for 8 men and 8 women, age 18+
Monday, April 11, 2016 - 7:00pm