Greg Giuliani Memorial Scholarship Application

Cumberland Players is again offering the Greg Giuliani Memorial Scholarship this year. The $300 scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior within Cumberland, Salem, Gloucester, Cape May, or Atlantic County who possesses Technical Theatre experience (either in their school or community theatre.) The senior must plan on continuing their formal education the following school year (any major) in a College or University setting.


Technical Theatre Experience includes but is not limited to:

                  -Stage Management & Stage Crew

                  -Set Design & Construction

                  -Light Design & Operation

                  -Sound Design & Operation

                  -Prop Design & Management

                  -Costume Design & Sewing

                  -Stage & Technical Directing

                  -Production Management


Please fill out the following form:

This reference must be a theatre mentor in the student's school or community theatre.
This reference must be either a teacher or counselor from the candidate's current attending school.
Please type or copy/paste your essay here (500 words minimum) on why you feel deserving of the Greg Giuliani Memorial Scholarship. Essay must include specific technical theatre experience details.
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